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Our story

My family moved to Scottsdale when I was ten years old. I went to the University of Arizona on a scholarship and ended up finishing my bachelors in political science at ASU. I worked at my father’s furniture shop while taking business courses and then moved to California to study for my MBA.

That’s when I got the call.

Like so many families, our business was hit hard by the Great Recession. My family needed me to come home and help out. It was a tough call but when times are rough, you do what's needed of you. I came home and took a leadership role in our business. That meant making some hard choices. It turns out they were the right ones and we rebuilt our business stronger than before.

Arizona needs our help right now.

Near last in the nation in education and healthcare spending. Career politicians facing ethics investigations. An economy that still lags behind other states we compete with. This isn't what we voted for.

That’s why I’m running for Arizona State Senate.

Because my three year old nephew deserves all the same educational opportunities I had. Because my neighbors deserve to feel safe in their community. Because all Arizonans deserve to have their best days ahead of us.

I'm Seth Blattman and I want to do my part to move Arizona into its bright future.





We are 48th in per pupil education spending. We need to empower all our young people by fully funding public education. Our long term prosperity depends on these students graduating with all the tools they need to take on the world’s challenges.



Our economy is currently growing but not in a way that is sustainable. Motivated young people will move to where good-paying jobs are and we need to make sure those jobs are here. That starts with fully funding education, because companies look at the quality of local workers first, second, and third when deciding where to open up shop. The next Amazon or Google can grow in Arizona, but we need to sow the seeds for that to happen.



Good healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Medical bills are one of the main causes of bankruptcy. When families need to decide whether to pay the mortgage or go to the doctor, our great state becomes sicker. When people get the care they need and can contribute, our state thrives. A healthy Arizona is a prosperous Arizona.


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